1. Agriculture

    Growing healthier tomato plants

    How well tomatoes grow depends on how the plants are mulched and fertilized.

  2. Animals

    An inspiring home for apes

    A group of scientists wants to establish preserves where orangutans and other primates have the chance to learn and create.

  3. Animals

    Hot tail gives warning

    Ground squirrels can heat up their tails to signal and perhaps taunt rattlesnakes.

  4. Brain

    Music lessons for the brain

    Taking music lessons may help you become a little bit smarter.

  5. Fossils

    Fingerprinting fossils

    Researchers can find out in what kind of soil a fossil was originally buried.

  6. Brain

    A dog’s amazingly large vocabulary

    A border collie named Rico recognizes a surprisingly large number of words.

  7. Animals

    Hippo sweat is natural sunscreen

    Hippo "sweat" contains substances that fight microbes and screen out ultraviolet light.

  8. Plants

    Plants travel wind highways

    Some plants can hitchhike along invisible freeways of wind to reach distant places.

  9. Fossils

    Ancient critter caught shedding Its skin

    A fossil reveals that ancient animals shed their skin, just as insects and crustaceans do today.

  10. Brain

    Little Toys, Supersize Mistakes

    Toddlers sometimes treat small objects, such as toy cars or dollhouse chairs, as if they're much larger.

  11. Animals

    Prime time for cicadas

    Researchers are tracking down why some types of cicadas emerge in vast numbers only once every 17 years.

  12. Brain

    Charging up the brain for reading

    Some kids can become better readers if they learn how written letters match up with speech sounds.