1. Brain

    Charging up the brain for reading

    Some kids can become better readers if they learn how written letters match up with speech sounds.

  2. Ecosystems

    Frogs get poison from ants

    The skin of some frogs becomes poisonous after they eat certain kinds of ants.

  3. Environment

    Alien invasions

    Around the world, plants, animals, fungi, and other life forms are ending up in places where they don't belong.

  4. Animals

    Noisy boats may bother orcas

    Whale watcher boats may be so noisy that killer whales must change their calls to be heard.

  5. Genetics

    What makes a dog?

    Analyzing dog DNA is helping to explain the origin, behavior, and diseases of dogs.

  6. Animals

    Male baboons get mellow

    Females may get male baboons to tone down violent behavior and become more cooperative.

  7. Animals

    Snagging insects, hummingbird style

    A hummingbird has an unexpectedly flexible lower bill to help it catch bugs.

  8. Animals

    Ganging up to grab more food

    Food-snitching birds may drive wolves to hunt in large packs.

  9. Brain

    Grannies give gift of longer life

    Kids tend to live longer when a grandmother takes part in their daily lives.

  10. Animals

    Sea otters, kelp, and killer whales

    Learning more about sea otters can help rescue the animals and save coastal ecosystems.

  11. Animals

    Some birds heed a monkey’s warnings

    An African forest bird can tell which monkey alarm calls to pay attention to.

  12. Genetics

    A butterfly’s new green glow

    Scientists have tweaked a butterfly's genes to make its eyes glow green.