1. Space

    Baby star

    Astronomers have observed the earliest twinkles ever picked up from a newborn star.

  2. Space

    A dusty birthplace

    Evidence of separate bands of dust suggests the presence of a planet orbiting a young star.

  3. Space

    Clash of the galaxies

    An X-ray image unveils an immense collision between two huge clusters of galaxies.

  4. Planets

    A very distant planet says “cheese”

    A small red spot may be the first picture ever taken of a planet outside the solar system.

  5. Space

    Searching for alien life

    A robot rover practices looking for alien life by trekking across the world's driest desert.

  6. Planets

    Planet Hunters Nab Three More

    Astronomers have spotted three Neptune-size planets outside our solar system.

  7. Planets

    Saturn’s New Moons

    The Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of lightning and two tiny moons orbiting the ringed planet.

  8. Space

    Burst busters

    A powerful type of explosion in outer space is much more common, but not always as powerful, as astronomers had thought.

  9. Planets

    Ringing Saturn

    The Cassini spacecraft has arrived at Saturn to start exploring the planet and its rings and moons.

  10. Planets

    Witnessing a Rare Venus Eclipse

    On June 8, Venus will cross in front of the sun for the first time since 1882.

  11. Space

    Older Stars, New Age for the Universe

    The oldest stars appear to be about a billion years older than astronomers had estimated.

  12. Planets

    Search for a Missing Moon

    Sedna, the most distant object known in the solar system, doesn't appear to have a moon.