1. Space

    Intruder Alert: Sweeping Space for Dust

    The solar system is filling up with stardust three times faster than it was 6 years ago.

  2. Space

    Big galaxy swallows little galaxy

    Astronomers find a convincing case of a large galaxy caught in the act of eating a smaller one.

  3. Space

    Sky Dust Keeps Falling on Your Head

    Dust raining down from space and Earth's atmosphere provides information about weather patterns, pollution, and the origin of the universe.

  4. Planets

    A planet from the early universe

    Astronomers have found the oldest and most distant planet known in the universe.

  5. Planets

    Melting Snow on Mars

    Melting blankets of snow may have carved out Martian gullies.

  6. Space

    Zooming In on the Wild Sun

    A close look at the sun reveals a chaotic, ever-changing surface.

  7. Planets

    A planet’s slim-fast plan

    A planet orbiting very close to its sun can quickly lose weight.

  8. Space

    Phantom Energy and the Big Rip

    Weird stuff called dark energy could push the universe toward a runaway expansion and ultimate demise about 21 billion years from now.

  9. Space

    A galaxy far, far, far away

    Astronomers have glimpsed some of the most distant galaxies yet found.

  10. Space

    Black holes that burp

    Some black holes in outer space may actually spit out as much material as they suck in.