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  1. Tech

    Synthetic biology aims to tackle disease and give cells superpowers

    DNA machines and protein-mimicking nanotech could replace broken machinery in cells or even lead to made-from-scratch synthetic life.

  2. Climate

    Warmer seas trigger skyrocketing ice loss in 3 Antarctic glaciers

    Destabilized by waves and vanishing sea ice, one of the glaciers lost 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of ice in 16 months — a possible hint of worse to come.

  3. Tech

    Let’s learn about the benefits of playing video games

    Too much screentime poses health risks, but research suggests playing video games can sharpen some skillsets.

  4. Physics

    Scientists Say: Coriolis Effect

    Because Earth spins, airborne objects traveling far and fast — such as airplanes — experience deflections in their motion.

  5. Animals

    Bonobos cooperate across social groups — even with no clear payoff

    Bonobos cooperate with outsiders, even when they get no clear benefit out of it. This could shed light on social evolution in other primates, even us.

  6. Physics

    Before the ancient Egyptians, nature may have carved sphinxes

    Steady ‘winds’ can carve clay blobs into lion-shaped landforms called yardangs, a new study suggests. One such yardang may have inspired the Great Sphinx of Giza.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Sad or stressed? Here’s where to find health-ful info

    The internet and hotlines have a lot of great resources — if you know where to find them and how to avoid the misinformation.

  8. Science & Society

    Teen mental health: What role does social media play?

    The Surgeon General advises that because social media is being linked to both good and harm, teens can use it — but should do so very carefully.

  9. Humans

    Seven steps to boost your mood

    Give yourself some quality “me time” every day. The goal is self-care and expression that can liberate you — and maybe even bring joy.

  10. Humans

    Being a teen has always been hard; now it’s especially so

    More U.S. children and teenagers are reporting mental illness than ever. With not enough doctors to treat all of them, here’s how to find help.

  11. Tech

    Balsa wood transistors could usher in ‘greener’ electronics

    Researchers in Sweden coaxed wood to conduct electricity, then used it to make a climate-friendlier building block of electronics.

  12. Animals

    These penguins nap 10,000 times a day, for seconds at a time

    Such an extreme sleep schedule may help nesting chinstrap penguins protect their young while still getting more than 11 hours of shut-eye.