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  1. Brain

    Reading Verbs Revs Up Your Brain

    Silently reading the word "dance" gets your brain to react as though you're really dancing.

  2. Earth

    Earth’s early oxygen boost

    The steady buildup of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere may have helped life forms become more complex.

  3. Tech

    Roll-Up Computer Monitors to Go

    Future electronic displays may be paper-thin and as flexible as a stick of gum.

  4. Environment

    A vulture’s hidden enemy

    Vultures may be getting a deadly dose of medicine from the carcasses they feed upon.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Strong Bones for Life

    Weak bones are an increasing problem for kids and teenagers.

  6. Earth

    Slip slidin’ away — under the sea

    A thin layer of water can keep ocean avalanches moving far and fast.

  7. Genetics

    Animal clones: Double trouble?

    From agriculture to medicine to law, animal cloning to create genetic twins could change our lives.

  8. Planets

    Roving the Red Planet

    Two little robots have touched down on Mars, ready to study the planet's rocks and soil.

  9. Chemistry

    Gooey Secrets of Mussel Power

    By learning how mussels stick, scientists may find a way to make them come unstuck.

  10. Animals

    A bowerbird’s guide to style

    To attract a mate, male bowerbirds go for a cheaper, low-key look instead of showy decorations.

  11. Brain

    What Video Games Can Teach Us

    If used in the right way, video and computer games can inspire learning and improve some skills.

  12. Brain

    The Violent Side of Video Games

    Playing video games and watching TV and movies can change the way we act, think, and feel.