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  1. Agriculture

    Protecting cows—and people—from a deadly disease

    Mad cow disease has appeared in the United States, but scientists say it can be contained easily.

  2. Planets

    Catching a Comet’s Tail

    A closeup visit by a NASA spacecraft helps show how a comet gets its shape.

  3. Animals

    A hangout for elusive blue whales

    Scientists have now found a place off southern Chile where blue whales gather.

  4. Fossils

    Teeny Skull Reveals Ancient Ancestor

    A tiny fossil skull represents the earliest known ancestor of monkeys and apes.

  5. Environment

    Sounds and silence

    Protecting nature's sounds and just taking the time to listen can enrich our lives.

  6. Tech

    Toy Challenge

    A toy design contest encourages both girls and boys to take an interest in engineering.

  7. Humans

    Digging up Stone Age art

    Researchers have uncovered some very old, mysterious animal sculptures.

  8. Animals

    Baboons listen for who’s tops

    Baboons can tell who's in charge by the sound of voices alone.

  9. Chemistry

    Unscrambling a Gem of a Mystery

    A new method can pinpoint which mine an emerald came from.

  10. Tech

    Model Plane Flies the Atlantic

    A historic flight takes an 11-pound model airplane over the ocean.

  11. Brain

    Worry seems to shorten a timid rat’s life

    Rats that prefer familiar settings tend to die younger than do more adventurous rats.

  12. Animals

    Helping to save elephants

    Preserving an enormous creature like the Asian elephant can be very challenging.