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  1. Animals

    Sea otters, kelp, and killer whales

    Learning more about sea otters can help rescue the animals and save coastal ecosystems.

  2. Animals

    Some birds heed a monkey’s warnings

    An African forest bird can tell which monkey alarm calls to pay attention to.

  3. Brain

    Grannies give gift of longer life

    Kids tend to live longer when a grandmother takes part in their daily lives.

  4. Tech

    Drawing energy out of wastewater

    Microbes in a fuel cell can generate electricity from plant and animal waste in water.

  5. Genetics

    A butterfly’s new green glow

    Scientists have tweaked a butterfly's genes to make its eyes glow green.

  6. Space

    Destination Mars

    Sending mice into space is just one step toward putting astronauts on Mars.

  7. Environment

    Improving the Camel

    Scientists are breeding camels that are stronger, faster, and able to go longer on less water.

  8. Planets

    Rover Makes Splash on Mars

    A robot on Mars has gathered evidence that liquid water once flowed on the Red Planet.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Moving Good Fats from Fish to Mice

    Healthful fats from fish could end up in beef, eggs, and other foods.

  10. Chemistry

    Cooking up superhard diamonds

    Popping diamonds into a high-pressure oven can make these hard minerals even harder.

  11. Computing

    Computers with Attitude

    Researchers are trying to design computers that can recognize how you're feeling and react to help you out.

  12. Math

    Losing with Heads or Tails

    Flipping a coin may not be the fairest way to make a choice.