Scientists Say: Engineering

This field of research uses math and science to solve problems


Making electronics is one example of engineering, but engineering can apply to lots of other jobs too. Engineering is about using science and math to take on practical issues. 


Engineering (noun, “IN-gin-EAR-ing””)

This is a field that uses math, science and technology to solve practical problems. Engineering goes along with those three other fields in the acronym STEM. (STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering and math.”) People who work in engineering are called engineers. Engineers usually specialize to work in a specific area. A structural engineer, for instance, might help design buildings or bridges. Software engineers develop and test new computer programs. Biomedical and chemical engineers design new drugs to treat disease and new ways to make them. And civil engineers help plan and maintain large systems for everyone to use, such as roads, sewers and dams.

In a sentence

Scientists used engineering to design a new plant-inspired pipette that can move tiny drops of liquid, one at a time.

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