Sarah Zielinski

Editor, Print at Science News Explores

Sarah Zielinski is the Editor, Print for Science News Explores. A former editor at Smithsonian magazine, she has been published in Scientific American, Discover, National Geographic News, Science and Slate. She shared a Gold Award in the Children's Science News category of the 2022 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards for a trio of Wild Things comics and has also received two DCSWA Science News Brief Awards and an honorable mention. She has a B.A. in biological sciences from Cornell University and an M.A. in journalism through New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. She has three cats: Oscar, Saffir and Alani.

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  1. Chemistry

    Let’s learn about forensic science

    Crime scene investigators analyze evidence with science, to connect criminals to crimes. And it’s often slower and different from what you see on TV.

  2. Microbes

    Let’s learn about microbial communities

    Communities of bacteria and other single-celled critters are all around us, on us — even inside us.

  3. Plants

    Let’s learn about trees

    These long-lived woody plants provide shade for people, homes for animals — and help protect the planet against climate change.

  4. Earth

    Let’s learn about the Arctic

    The far North is a mix of vast tundra and icy waters, filled with interesting creatures, from tiny zooplankton to huge polar bears.

  5. Chemistry

    Let’s learn about the periodic table

    This iconic chart holds information about all the known elements. As more are discovered, the table expands.

  6. Space

    Let’s learn about black holes

    Scientists released the first-ever picture of a black hole a year ago. But just what are these mysterious objects?

  7. Earth

    Let’s learn about geysers and hydrothermal vents

    These are places where superhot water streams out of the earth. Plate tectonics explains how they form.

  8. Animals

    Let’s learn about the creepy crawlies in your home

    From ants to spiders to crickets to bed bugs — a whole host of insects and other arthropods may be hanging out with you at home.

  9. Plants

    Let’s learn about the future of food

    Technology and a warming world will change what you eat and how it gets to your plate.

  10. Animals

    Let’s learn about electric eels

    Learn about where an electric eel’s powerful jolt comes from and more with this collection of stories.

  11. Space

    Let’s learn about satellites

    Satellites, from the moon to those that provide GPS, encircle the Earth. Learn more about them with this collection of stories.

  12. Science & Society

    Here are some free resources for kids (and parents) now learning at home

    From a weekly word to a new learning series, here’s how Science News Explores can help young science learners while schools are closed.