Questions for Bones: They’re alive!


Before reading:

1)     What does a skeleton do? Why is it important?

2)     Would you describe your skeleton as alive or dead or neither? Explain your answer.

During reading:

1)     Where is bone marrow found, and why is it important?

2)     Why do bones remodel themselves?

3)     List the three types of bone cells involved in breaking down and building up bone and describe what each does.

4)     How do doctors determine the strength of someone’s skeleton?

5)     Why does the body sometimes “steal” calcium from the skeleton?

6)     Why is vitamin D important for bone health?

7)     List three types of exercises that help build strong bones.

8)     Describe the “conversations” between bone and muscle — what are these tissues telling each other?

9)     What is Treacher Collins Syndrome and describe the surgery researchers are developing to treat people with this condition.

After reading:

1)      Why is it important for scientists to learn more about the “chatting” that goes on between bones and muscles?


1)     List three things you can do to build and maintain strong bones. Plan a campaign, including a poster, to get the message out to others in your school.