1. Animals

    The tiniest serpent

    The smallest species of snake ever discovered lives on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

  2. Animals

    From dipping to fishing

    Scientists retool thinking about chimp innovation.

  3. Animals

    Blooming jellies

    Jellyfish and other gooey marine creatures are showing up in new places, and scientists are trying to discover why.

  4. Animals

    Listening to birdsong

    Among certain finches, a lady bird knows when a gentleman bird is sending subtle messages in his calls—ones that people can't detect.

  5. Animals

    Explainer: Jelly vs. jellyfish: What’s the difference?

    Not all jellies are jellyfish

  6. Animals

    Diving, rolling and floating, alligator style

    Alligators use the muscles around their lungs in a surprising way—to help them move quickly and smoothly through the swamps and waterways in which they live.

  7. Animals

    Animal CSI or from science lab to crime lab

    Scientists are finding new ways to help stop poachers from hunting endangered animals.

  8. Animals

    A ‘book’ on every living thing

    The biggest encyclopedia ever, with an entry for every living species, is available now at a computer near you.

  9. Animals

    Deep krill

    Scientists were surprised to find Antarctic krill lurking at the bottom of the sea.

  10. Animals

    The other side of the zoo fence

    Zoo designers work hard to make exhibits safe and enjoyable—for people as well as animals.

  11. Animals

    Cool penguins

    Climate change and warmer waters could threaten the survival of king penguins.

  12. Animals

    Hearing whales

    At least one type of whale hears by using its jaw and throat to bring sound to its ears.