1. Brain

    A brain-boosting video game

    A new study suggests that playing Tetris builds gray matter.

  2. Brain

    The colorful world of synesthesia

    Explore the sensory explosion experienced by people with this unusual, but not that uncommon nor unwelcome, condition.

  3. Brain

    Reading a mind’s memories

    By looking at patterns on brain scans, scientists can "see" where a person has been.

  4. Brain

    Girls are cool for school

    Preschool boys perform better in classes where the girls outnumber them.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Mind-reading machine

    Researchers have used brain scans to measure how the brain "sees" pictures—and to try to predict what a person is looking at.

  6. Brain

    Nice Chimps

    Like people, chimpanzees (and babies) seem to help each other out, just because it feels good to be generous.

  7. Brain

    Baby Talk

    Some infants can tell the difference between two languages just by looking at the speaker's face.

  8. Brain

    Talking with Hands

    Studies of chimpanzees suggest that our ancestors may have "talked" to each other using hand gestures before they learned to speak.

  9. Brain

    Chimpanzee hunting tools

    Some chimps, especially youngsters and female adults, use spearlike wooden tools to hunt.

  10. Brain

    Video game violence

    Playing violent video games may have harmful effects on the brain.

  11. Brain

    Internet Generation

    For kids, the online world can be helpful in some ways and dangerous in others.

  12. Brain

    The Science Fair Circuit

    For some kids, entering science fairs is like eating cookies. It's hard to stop at just one.