1. Brain

    Copycat Monkeys

    When you stick out your tongue, a baby monkey will follow your lead.

  2. Brain

    Storing Memories before Bedtime

    The brain begins processing lessons learned during the day long before bedtime.

  3. Brain

    How Much Babies Know

    By studying how babies choose things, researchers have discovered that babies are especially good at learning things that are essential for survival.

  4. Brain

    Reading Body Language

    The emotion that your body shows may have a stronger effect than what your face says.

  5. Psychology

    Pain expectations

    How painful you expect something to be beforehand can affect how you actually feel when you're hurt.

  6. Brain

    Monkeys in the Mirror

    Capuchin monkeys react to their own mirror images in surprising ways.

  7. Brain

    The smell of trust

    A whiff of a brain chemical known as oxytocin may make people more trusting when making a deal.

  8. Brain

    Making sense of scents

    Different smells light up different parts of the brain.

  9. Brain

    Lightening your mood

    Bright light may help some people who are seriously depressed feel better.

  10. Brain

    Swedish Rhapsody

    Celebrations honoring the world's top scientists brought students from many countries to Sweden to tour, learn, talk, and party.

  11. Brain

    Sleep to Remember Places and Routes

    Deep sleep may help your brain solidify memories of where you've been and how you got there.

  12. Brain

    Fruit fly brain has two clocks

    Fruit flies have not one, but two built-in clocks to regulate daily activity.