1. Brain

    Reading Verbs Revs Up Your Brain

    Silently reading the word "dance" gets your brain to react as though you're really dancing.

  2. Genetics

    Animal clones: Double trouble?

    From agriculture to medicine to law, animal cloning to create genetic twins could change our lives.

  3. Animals

    A bowerbird’s guide to style

    To attract a mate, male bowerbirds go for a cheaper, low-key look instead of showy decorations.

  4. Brain

    What Video Games Can Teach Us

    If used in the right way, video and computer games can inspire learning and improve some skills.

  5. Brain

    The Violent Side of Video Games

    Playing video games and watching TV and movies can change the way we act, think, and feel.

  6. Fossils

    Teeny Skull Reveals Ancient Ancestor

    A tiny fossil skull represents the earliest known ancestor of monkeys and apes.

  7. Animals

    A hangout for elusive blue whales

    Scientists have now found a place off southern Chile where blue whales gather.

  8. Animals

    Baboons listen for who’s tops

    Baboons can tell who's in charge by the sound of voices alone.

  9. Brain

    Worry seems to shorten a timid rat’s life

    Rats that prefer familiar settings tend to die younger than do more adventurous rats.

  10. Animals

    Helping to save elephants

    Preserving an enormous creature like the Asian elephant can be very challenging.

  11. Animals

    Farming on a snail’s scale

    Some snails plow leaves and add fertilizer to grow a fungus for dinner.

  12. Brain

    Brain signals attention disorder

    Children with attention disorders appear to have less tissue in certain parts of their brain.