1. Genetics

    A DNA Clue to Reading Troubles

    Scientists have identified a gene involved in a learning disorder called dyslexia.

  2. Animals

    Delivering a little snake venom

    Poisonous snakes may control the amount of venom that they inject.

  3. Genetics

    Baby swaps, crime scenes, and DNA testing

    By looking at animal DNA, investigators are solving crimes and conservationists are helping save endangered species.

  4. Animals

    Like mother, like daughter

    Scientists have for the first time created a horse by cloning.

  5. Brain

    Seniors Who Care Live Longer

    Older people who took care of others lived longer than those who were less helpful.

  6. Plants

    New gene fights potato blight

    Adding a gene from a wild potato to the varieties we eat could stop a devastating potato disease.

  7. Animals

    City birds hit the high notes

    Some songbirds battle traffic noise by singing at a higher pitch.

  8. Plants

    City trees beat country trees

    Cottonwood trees grow better in New York City than in rural places around the state.

  9. Animals

    Navigating by the light of the moon

    A dung beetle is the first animal found to navigate by detecting a property of moonlight.

  10. Tech

    Cell phones and possible health hazards

    Radiation from some cell phones appears to kill brain cells in rats.

  11. Animals

    Ant invasions change the rules

    Ant invaders may wreck the rules by which entire communities of their peers work.

  12. Animals

    Booby brothers and bullies

    Baby brown boobies can be pretty rough and tough in the nest.