1. Environment

    Less mixing can affect lake’s ecosystem

    Warming a large lake can cut microorganism populations and disturb its food chain.

  2. Environment

    Cliff snails and rock climbers

    Rock climbers can accidentally wipe out communities of cliff snails.

  3. Environment

    The down side of keeping clean

    Chemicals we use to clean and disinfect could be damaging the environment by killing off algae at the food chain's base.

  4. Fossils

    Dino-dining dinosaurs

    Some dinosaurs may have actually eaten each other.

  5. Plants

    Slower growth, greater warmth

    A shift toward slower-growing trees might make Earth's climate warm up even faster.

  6. Animals

    Childhood chills give bees six left feet

    If the bees are raised in cold temperatures, their dancing skills seem to go down the drain.

  7. Brain

    Watching the Brain Learn to Read

    As kids learn to read, the left side of the brain gradually takes over from the right.

  8. Fossils

    Fossil fly from Antarctica

    A tiny fly fossil has turned up about 500 kilometers from the South Pole.

  9. Animals

    Shoot the poop

    Some caterpillars get rid of their waste with ballistic force.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Gut germs to the rescue

    Many of the bacteria that live in our intestines may help keep us healthy.

  11. Brain

    Wobbly Babies: Smarter Than They Look?

    Toddlers can make quick decisions about when to use a handrail while crossing a bridge.

  12. Brain

    The Social Side of Baby Talk

    A mother's body language can make her baby's babbles more like speech.