1. Fossils

    Watery fate for nature’s gliders

    Fossil bones hint that sea-level increases doomed Atlantic albatross populations.

  2. Brain

    Memories are made with sleep

    Sleep can rescue memories that are starting to fade.

  3. Animals

    Walks on the wild side

    Animals that roam widely in the wild do more poorly in zoos than those with smaller ranges.

  4. Animals

    Figuring out what makes dogs tick

    Biologists have deciphered a poodle's DNA to learn about the genes that decide what dogs are like.

  5. Fossils

    A really big (but extinct) rodent

    A rodent about the size of a bison once roamed the riverbanks of ancient Venezuela.

  6. Animals

    No fair: Monkey sees, doesn’t

    Some monkeys may have a sense of what's fair and what's not.

  7. Brain

    Grades Slipping? Check for Snoring

    Children who snore a lot are more likely to struggle with their schoolwork.

  8. Animals

    Frog chemist creates a deadlier poison

    A poisonous frog takes up a toxin from its food and makes the chemical even more potent.

  9. Genetics

    A DNA Clue to Reading Troubles

    Scientists have identified a gene involved in a learning disorder called dyslexia.

  10. Animals

    Delivering a little snake venom

    Poisonous snakes may control the amount of venom that they inject.

  11. Genetics

    Baby swaps, crime scenes, and DNA testing

    By looking at animal DNA, investigators are solving crimes and conservationists are helping save endangered species.

  12. Animals

    Like mother, like daughter

    Scientists have for the first time created a horse by cloning.