1. Math

    Meet the newest additions to the metric system

    The metric system just got its first update in 30 years. New prefixes will help scientists interpret the biggest — and smallest — numbers.

  2. Math

    Scientists Say: Mean, median and mode

    Mean, median and mode are all different ways to describe the middle value in a dataset.

  3. Math

    Let’s learn about dealing with math anxiety

    Writing about math anxiety and maintaining a “growth mindset” can help soothe stress about the subject.

  4. Math

    Scientists Say: Variable

    A variable is something that can be changed — such as a value in math, or a factor in an experiment.

  5. Math

    Scientists Say: Equation

    An equation states that two groups of numbers or variables are equal to each other.

  6. Math

    Let’s learn about pi

    It’s not just an excuse to eat pastries. This number helps describe everything from the smallest particles to planets orbiting other stars.

  7. Physics

    Why some icicles become scallops not spikes

    The newfound — and at times quirky — shapes reflect the density of water surrounding submerged ice.

  8. Math

    Scientists Say: Geometry

    Geometry is math that allows people to measure, analyze and compare figures in space.

  9. Life

    From icebergs to smoke, forecasting where dangers will drift

    Smoke drifts. Fish eggs float downstream. Where such drifting things end up may seem a mystery. But research can predict where they’ll end up.

  10. Animals

    Endangered or just rare? Statistics give meaning to the head counts

    Whether studying tiny birds or massive whales, researchers collect a lot of data. The field of statistics helps them make sense of those data.

  11. Math

    Scientists Say: Pi

    Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. But some mathematicians say life would be easier if we used a different ratio instead.

  12. Math

    Explainer: What is statistics?

    Scientists use statistics to design studies, analyze data and evaluate uncertainty. You’ll find it in biology, climate change, medicine and more.