1. Physics

    IceCube science

    To find some of the smallest things in the universe, scientists have to think big.

  2. Physics

    Explainer: Understanding light and electromagnetic radiation

    Here's a simple guide to the different types of electromagnetic energy that move as waves.

  3. Tech

    Undercover detectives

    T-rays are digitally uncovering everything including potential terrorists, buried images on church walls, and subsurface flaws in the foam used to protect space shuttles.

  4. Physics

    Powering ball lightning

    A new study might help explain what fuels bouncing balls of fire that occasionally form in nature.

  5. Physics

    Diamond glow

    Rare diamonds that glow in the dark may help scientists distinguish real gems from fake ones.

  6. Physics

    Explainer: How a synchrotron works

    Giant magnets direct superfast light into beams up to 30 million times as bright as those produced by a laser pointer.

  7. Tech

    Big Machine Reveals Small Worlds

    A football-field-sized machine is giving researchers insight into medicine, forensics, and even chocolate.

  8. Physics

    Road bumps

    Scientists have discovered why dirt roads develop ridges that make for a bumpy ride.

  9. Animals

    Cacophony acoustics

    How do frogs hear each other in a noisy pond? Just the way we would, as it turns out.

  10. Tech

    Space umbrellas to shield Earth

    A swarm of small spacecraft could help protect Earth from the sun's rays.

  11. Tech

    A New Basketball Gets Slick

    Sweat seems to make a new basketball for professional players more slippery.

  12. Tech

    Switchable Lenses Improve Vision

    Special lenses that automatically focus can help people wearing eyeglasses see more clearly.