Science & Society

  1. Plants

    This urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants

    Urban garden specialist Kwesi Joseph is experimenting with rock dust and plants. He also helps New York City community and school gardens with gardening problems.

  2. Science & Society

    U.S. lawmakers look for ways to protect kids on social media

    The U.S. government wants to protect young social media users from exploitation, bullying and more. The companies should play a role in this, it says.

  3. Science & Society

    Community action helps people cope with Flint’s water woes

    Activism, social media and public education are helping residents in the aftermath of the water crisis in Flint, Mich.

  4. Health & Medicine

    9 things to know about lead’s health risks — and how to curb them

    Lead has been linked to lower IQ, behavior problems, mental-health disorders, strokes and more health impacts. There are ways to reduce your exposure.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Health problems persist in Flint 10 years after water poisoning

    Flint, Mich., residents still show health impacts long after a switch in their drinking-water source exposed them to toxic lead and other pollutants.

  6. Brain

    Scientists Say: Confirmation Bias

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out and believe information that agrees with what we already think.

  7. Environment

    Bottled water hosts many thousands of nano-sized plastic bits

    The finding emerges from tests of a new tool that identified smaller-than-ever tiny plastic bits in three brands of bottled water.

  8. Science & Society

    Scientists Say: Model

    Models are representations of real-life systems or processes that we use to ask questions, make predictions and test our knowledge.

  9. Space

    This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses

    Nathaniel Frissell uses radio data to study how eclipses affect a layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

  10. Animals

    Let’s learn about birdwatching for beginners

    One birdwatcher unpacks the personal and scientific rewards of birding, and how to get started.

  11. Science & Society

    Music has the power to move us physically and emotionally. Here’s why

    The way music impacts the brain can improve mood and overall health.

  12. Math

    This civil engineer turns to math to make energy more affordable 

    Destenie Nock uses computer algorithms to help identify households struggling to afford utilities.