1. Space

    Black holes and activism inspire this astrophysicist

    Mallory Molina is looking for supermassive black holes — and helping others find their place in the field of astronomy.

  2. Space

    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft brought back bits of the asteroid Bennu

    Dirt from the asteroid Bennu could hold clues about the material that built our solar system — and possibly where life comes from.

  3. Planets

    Analyze This: Neptune’s cloud cover syncs up with the solar cycle

    Telescope observations hint how sunlight-driven chemistry may boost cloud cover on our solar system’s farthest planet.

  4. Planets

    In a first, astronomers spot the aftermath of an exoplanet smashup

    Infrared light from a distant star appears to be leftovers of an impact between a pair of Neptune-sized worlds.

  5. Space

    You can get involved in science during the 2024 solar eclipse

    The sun will be near the peak of its activity cycle during the eclipse on April 8, 2024. That will make it a great time to crowdsource solar research.

  6. Physics

    Scientists Say: Gamma ray

    Lightning bolts, nuclear explosions, colliding stars and black holes all throw off this high-energy type of light.

  7. Tech

    Human teleportation? This century we’re stuck doing it virtually

    If teleportation is defined as being transported instantly to another place, then it’s already happening — via extended reality and holograms.

  8. Space

    Let’s learn about the Milky Way

    At a glance, the Milky Way may look like just a disk of stars. But its structure is actually much more complex.

  9. Space

    Four researchers on Earth are spending a year on ‘Mars’

    A crew of four entered Mars Dune Alpha in Houston, Texas. They will remain isolated inside for a year, living and working as if on the Red Planet.

  10. Space

    New telescope images may unveil stars fueled by dark matter

    Three objects from the early universe could be hypothesized “dark stars,” researchers claim. But other scientists remain unconvinced.

  11. Tech

    Could Star Trek replicators exist?

    Experts break down what’s possible and what’s not for this classic science-fiction invention.

  12. Space

    Weird black holes may reveal secrets of the early universe

    Emerging evidence points to the existence of rogue black holes and other cosmic oddities — such as big black holes in tiny galaxies.