1. Tech

    New tech 3-D prints ouchless COVID-19 vaccine patches

    A new compact 3-D printer can produce COVID-19 vaccine patches. These are less painful than the jab and can be stored more easily than liquid vaccines.

  2. Tech

    Talking through a tube can trick AI into mistaking one voice for another

    Researchers crafted tubes that can trick AI into mistaking one person’s voice for another’s. Bad guys could use such tricks to hack into accounts.

  3. Tech

    Human teleportation? This century we’re stuck doing it virtually

    If teleportation is defined as being transported instantly to another place, then it’s already happening — via extended reality and holograms.

  4. Physics

    Skipping stone physics could aid net-tangled whales and more

    The unexpected movement of buoys and spheres in water could lead to redesigns for fishing nets and ships.

  5. Chemistry

    Scientists turn plastic wastes into soap

    Chemists developed a way to turn plastic waste into surfactants. Those chemicals could one day become key recruits in a greener war on grime.

  6. Tech

    With tech, farms can double up to produce both food and power

    Agrivoltaics merges agriculture with photovoltaic panels, which generate electricity from sunlight. The combo produces clean energy and edible crops.

  7. Chemistry

    Creation of quantum dots wins 2023 chemistry Nobel

    The award honors three scientists who discovered and built quantum dots, which are now used in everything from TVs to medical tools.

  8. Brain

    Neuroscientists decoded a song from brain activity

    The technique could help improve communication devices for people who are unable to speak.

  9. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Rare earth element

    Rare earth elements aren’t all that rare — but skyrocketing demand for these metals makes them precious.

  10. Tech

    Scientists Say: Robot

    These task-doers handle jobs as simple as vacuuming the floor and as complex as navigating extraterrestrial terrains.

  11. Tech

    A puff of air could deliver vaccines needle-free

    A new Nerf gun-like device may make injections safer, faster and easier.

  12. Tech

    AI can now turn blurry thermal vision into crisp images

    Even when it’s pitch black, the new imaging system can create clear images while also accurately gauging distances to objects.