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  1. Brain

    Hearing Better in the Dark

    Blind people are better at locating distant sounds than people who can see.

  2. Tech

    Cold house, hot house, green house

    Saving energy at home requires paying attention to the building's windows, walls, and roof.

  3. Animals

    Wintering apart, returning together

    Birds that fly off to different places in winter can still manage to return home at the same time in spring.

  4. Space

    A dusty birthplace

    Evidence of separate bands of dust suggests the presence of a planet orbiting a young star.

  5. Tech

    A taste for cheese

    Researchers aim for cheese that is tastier, more nutritious, and easier to make than those now available.

  6. Space

    Clash of the galaxies

    An X-ray image unveils an immense collision between two huge clusters of galaxies.

  7. Genetics

    Gene sleuths track down ivory sources

    DNA testing of a tusk's ivory can help identify where the elephant came from.

  8. Brain

    Fair play

    Studying dogs, monkeys, and other animals at play can teach us about fairness and cooperation.

  9. Fossils

    Hunting by sucking, long ago

    An ancient sea creature with a snakelike neck may have sucked up its prey.

  10. Earth

    Drilling deep for fuel

    Stores of natural gas created by high temperatures and pressures may nestle deep in Earth's mantle.

  11. Climate

    Recipe for a hurricane

    Predicting how, when, and where major storms will occur can help save lives.

  12. Brain

    Nature May Nurture Paying Attention

    A green environment can help kids with attention disorders concentrate.