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  1. Humans

    Traces of Ancient Campfires

    Researchers have unearthed traces of what may be among the oldest human-controlled fires.

  2. Animals

    Noisy boats may bother orcas

    Whale watcher boats may be so noisy that killer whales must change their calls to be heard.

  3. Genetics

    What makes a dog?

    Analyzing dog DNA is helping to explain the origin, behavior, and diseases of dogs.

  4. Humans

    Hints of Life in Ancient Lava

    Ancient lava may contain some of the earliest traces of life on Earth.

  5. Planets

    Search for a Missing Moon

    Sedna, the most distant object known in the solar system, doesn't appear to have a moon.

  6. Tech

    Robots on a Rocky Road

    In a recent race, high-tech, robotic vehicles tried to drive themselves across a desert.

  7. Animals

    Male baboons get mellow

    Females may get male baboons to tone down violent behavior and become more cooperative.

  8. Chemistry

    Spinning Clay into Cotton

    Adding clay to cotton fibers can keep cotton from readily bursting into flame when heated.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Allergies: From bee stings to peanuts

    As more and more people develop allergies, researchers are looking for ways to treat and prevent severe allergic reactions.

  10. Humans

    The taming of the cat

    People had pet cats at least 9,500 years ago, long before ancient Egyptians started worshipping felines.

  11. Animals

    Snagging insects, hummingbird style

    A hummingbird has an unexpectedly flexible lower bill to help it catch bugs.

  12. Environment

    Little bits of trouble

    Extremely tiny particles known as buckyballs can harm living cells.