Questions for ‘What is IQ — and how much does it matter?


IQ can play a role in someone’s success. However, working on projects close to the heart and buckling down to see them through may be more important.



Before Reading:

1.  What do you think are some key signs of intelligence?

2.  What might it take to succeed in life, besides intelligence?

During Reading:

1.  What is the term “IQ” short for?

2.  What do IQ tests measure?   

3.  What are three situations where IQ tests are used?   

4.  Why are different IQ tests needed for different groups of people?   

5.  What is the difference between crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence?   

6.  According to research by neuroscientist Aki Nikolaidis, what brain areas seem to be associated with higher fluid intelligence? 

7.  What is “personal intelligence”?   

8.  In the research by psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, what areas of the brain appear to be involved when people think creatively?   

9.  What is “grit” and how does it relate to intelligence, according to psychologist Angela Duckworth?   

10.  What did psychologist Michael Credé find when he pooled the results of 88 studies of grit?

After Reading:

1. If you were designing a test to predict how successful a person would be in life, what would you measure?

2. What do you think are the reasons why IQ tests capture only some aspects of someone’s potential?           

3. What evidence does the author offer to make the case that “grit” may be more important than IQ in determining success? Do you find it convincing? Explain your answer. (For instance, if you answer no, suggest what you think is missing.)