Analyze geoscience data and the results from global climate models to make an evidence-based forecast of the current rate of global or regional climate change and associated future impacts to Earth systems.

  1. Climate

    World leaders call for action on climate change

    This week, the presidents of China and the United States pledged to take aggressive action on the release of greenhouse gases to head off dire worldwide climate effects.

  2. Earth

    How people have been shaping the Earth

    We are the dominant force of change on Earth. Some experts propose naming our current time period the ‘Anthropocene’ to reflect our impact.

  3. Agriculture

    Your food choices affect Earth’s climate

    Producing food can put a lot of climate-warming pollutants into the atmosphere. But some foods, especially meats, contribute more than others.

  4. Environment

    Seeing red: North’s CO2 hits new peak

    CO2 values are now 50 percent higher than before the Industrial Revolution.

  5. Climate

    Arctic sends weird weather south

    Arctic warming is affecting weather farther south, where most of the world lives. The impacts are especially worrisome for agriculture.

  6. Environment

    China exports pollution alongside goods

    Many companies have moved the plants that make their products to developing countries, such as China. But the pollution linked to making those products can travel around the world.

  7. Climate

    Dirty clouds change rainfall

    Scientists find a link between air pollution and extremes in rainfall.

  8. Oceans

    Life beneath the ‘berg

    Scientists find Antarctic icebergs play a new and bigger role in the climate cycle.

  9. Climate

    A dire shortage of water

    Parts of the southwestern United States are in the middle of the worst drought in at least 500 years.