Apply concepts of statistics and probability to support explanations that organisms with an advantageous heritable trait tend to increase in proportion to organisms lacking this trait.

  1. Health & Medicine

    Chikungunya wings its way north — on mosquitoes

    A mosquito-borne virus once found only in the tropics has adapted to survive in mosquitoes in cooler places, such as Europe and North America.

  2. Physics

    Eyelashes: The ‘sweet’ length

    New mathematical and aerodynamics studies find what seems to be the optimal length for eyelashes — the length that protects best. And surprise: Longer is not always better.

  3. Life

    Caught in the act

    Scientists observe some evolutionary speed demons as they adapt over the course of just a few years to new environmental conditions.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Evolved to run

    Heel bones hint that humans could run farther than Neandertals.

  5. Fossils

    Dinosaurs grow up

    Learning how fast dinosaurs grew may help link birds to dinosaurs.

  6. Tech

    Butterfly wings and waterproof coats

    Inspired by nature, scientists have come up with clever new designs for waterproof coatings.