Articles on ecosystems

  1. Animals

    Current coral bleaching event is the longest known

    Heat stress has led to the longest coral bleaching event on record. Scientists now worry that global warming may make such prolonged crises more frequent.

  2. Environment

    Uh oh! Baby fish prefer plastic to real food

    Given a choice, baby fish will eat plastic microbeads instead of real food. That plastic stunts their growth and makes them easier prey for predators.

  3. Earth

    How ancient African fish feed today’s Amazon

    Many of the world’s lushest tropical forests would starve if winds didn’t bring them nutrient-rich dust from across an ocean.

  4. Environment

    Common water pollutants hurt freshwater organisms

    The germ killers we use and the drugs we take don’t just disappear. They can end up in the environment. There they can harm aquatic organisms, three teens showed.

  5. Microbes

    This microbe thinks plastic is dinner

    The bacterium Ideonella sakaiensis chows down on one type of polluting plastics. That means it could become helpful in cleaning up environmental waste.

  6. Ecosystems

    As big animals poop out

    Whales move nutrients from deep ocean to surface waters. From there, nutrients move to land and fertilize continents. But the system is in trouble.

  7. Ecosystems

    Two SNS writers win big

    Here’s a Cool Job: writing about science. Two people who regularly do that for SNS have just picked up awards for stories on the physics of lightning and how nature recycles the dead to feed the living.

  8. Environment

    Humans are ‘superpredators’

    A new study compares the hunting habits of wild animals and humans. People, it turns out, are unlike any other predator on Earth.

  9. Agriculture

    ‘Wildlife-free’ farms don’t make salads safer

    Scientists find that removing wildlife from farms did not make raw vegetables safer to eat.

  10. Agriculture

    Made in the shade

    Agroforestry combines woody plants and agriculture. Growing trees alongside crops and livestock benefits wildlife, environment, climate — and farmers.

  11. Animals

    Return of the bed bug

    Bed bugs have staged a comeback over the past 15 years. The bloodsucking parasites succeeded through a combination of evolution and luck.

  12. Plants

    Desert plants: The ultimate survivors

    Creosote, mesquite and other desert plants rely on different adaptations to thrive, even when no rain falls for an entire year.