Science News for Students articles on oceans

  1. Animals

    A fallout feast for crabs

    Crabs can take advantage of hot, toxic plumes from undersea vents to feed on poisoned plankton.

  2. Tech

    Explorer of the extreme deep

    A new project to build an improved research sub aims to shed light on the mysterious ocean depths.

  3. Earth

    Deep drilling at sea

    Drilling holes deep into the seafloor unveils the ocean's past and hints at Earth's future.

  4. Environment

    An ocean view’s downside

    Population growth in coastal areas could threaten shoreline ecosystems.

  5. Earth

    Slip slidin’ away — under the sea

    A thin layer of water can keep ocean avalanches moving far and fast.

  6. Earth

    Undersea vent system active for ages

    Chemical analyses reveal that the tall towers of a set of hydrothermal vents called the Lost City have been growing for 30,000 years.