1. Physics

    Scientists Say: Polarized light

    Sunlight, lamplight and other lights are usually unpolarized. But passing light waves through filters can ‘polarize’ them.

  2. Planets

    Huge polygons on Mars hint its equator may once have been frozen

    A Chinese rover used radar to reveal long-buried terrain. The discovery hints that Mars’ equator was once much colder and wetter.

  3. Physics

    Neutrons are unveiling hidden secrets of fossils and artifacts

    Images made with these particles have revealed details of dinosaur bones, mummies and more.

  4. Animals

    Horned lizards and snakes tend to ambush their prey

    The reptiles’ horns could help or hinder during foraging, depending on how they hunt. This might be why horns evolved in some species and not others.

  5. Animals

    Pikmin’s plant-animal mashups don’t exist — but sun-powered animals do

    Corals team up with photosynthetic zooxanthellae. Some sea slugs steal chloroplasts. How might animals and plants team up in Nintendo’s Pikmin games?

  6. Life

    Scientists Say: Ichnology

    This field of science looks to understand life — past and present — by studying how organisms altered their surroundings.

  7. Climate

    Chemists make device to destroy planet-warming methane pollution

    It can slash diffuse sources of this extremely potent greenhouse gas, such as from livestock barns and other sites.

  8. Archaeology

    Iron Age grave in England points to a possible woman warrior

    The grave holds a sword. It hints the buried woman fought or helped plan raids some 2,000 years ago in what’s now southwest England.

  9. Tech

    Synthetic biology aims to tackle disease and give cells superpowers

    DNA machines and protein-mimicking nanotech could replace broken machinery in cells or even lead to made-from-scratch synthetic life.

  10. Climate

    Warmer seas trigger skyrocketing ice loss in 3 Antarctic glaciers

    Destabilized by waves and vanishing sea ice, one of the glaciers lost 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of ice in 16 months — a possible hint of worse to come.

  11. Tech

    Let’s learn about the benefits of playing video games

    Too much screentime poses health risks, but research suggests playing video games can sharpen some skillsets.

  12. Animals

    Bonobos cooperate across social groups — even with no clear payoff

    Bonobos cooperate with outsiders, even when they get no clear benefit out of it. This could shed light on social evolution in other primates, even us.