Scientists Say: Solution

This is the word we use to describe one chemical dissolved into another


When you stir sugar into your tea, you are creating a solution. 

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Solution (noun, “So-LU-shun”)

A liquid in which one chemical has been mixed into another. Often solids are dissolved into a liquid. This means they are evenly spread through the fluid and stably stays that way. When a chemical is able to dissolve into a liquid, it is soluble. A measure of how well one chemical can dissolve into another is its solubility.

In a sentence

Scientists are considering a salty method to generate power using a solution of uranium dissolved in a liquid.

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Power Words

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dissolve  To turn a solid into a liquid and disperse it into that starting liquid. For instance, sugar or salt crystals (solids) will dissolve into water. Now the crystals are gone and the solution is a fully dispersed mix of the liquid form of the sugar or salt in water.

soluble  Some chemical that is able to dissolve into some liquid. The resulting combo becomes a solution.

solubility  A measure of the ability of one chemical to dissolve into another, creating a chemical solution.

solution   A liquid in which one chemical has been dissolved into another.

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