Develop and use a model to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.

  1. Physics

    Filter lets in only the right light

    Scientists have built a light filter that only permits light coming from one desired angle to pass through. Built from alternating layers of transparent materials, it could help minimize the glare in telescopes and cameras or boost the efficiency of solar cells.

  2. Earth

    The quake that shook up geology

    North America’s biggest earthquake struck 50 years ago. Here’s what science has learned about Earth since the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake.

  3. Earth

    Explainer: Telling a tsunami from a seiche

    Waves that hit coastlines with ferocious power, tsunamis are one of the planet’s most devastating forces of nature. And seiches: They’re tsunamis little, but still potentially deadly, cousins.

  4. Animals

    Quieter vibes for city spiders

    How much a web vibrates affects how well a spider senses when that web has captured prey. But webs attached to concrete, plastic and other artificial materials vibrate less than do those built on natural materials, such as twigs or leaves.

  5. Space

    Waves from the birth of time

    Inflation is the idea that in the split-second after the Big Bang, the universe exploded into huge-ness. Although the hypothesis is 30 years old, evidence to confirm it had been lacking. Until now.

  6. Humans

    Mummies share their secrets

    Cutting-edge technology such as CT, or CAT, scans and endoscopes are allowing scientists to see not just what’s underneath the wrappings but also what’s inside a mummy’s body.

  7. Space

    How the outer sun gets so hot

    Magnetic waves boost the corona to extreme temperatures.

  8. Earth

    Tsunami’s trek traced in the sky

    Scientists photograph atmospheric ripples that followed the March tsunami across the Pacific.

  9. Tech

    Lasers of a feather

    A nifty light trick in bird feathers inspires researchers to create a new kind of laser.

  10. Kids’ ingenuity honored at Intel ISEF

    Young scientists receive awards in international competition.

  11. Tech

    Cell phones on the brain

    When an active cell phone is pressed against the ear, the brain gets busier.

  12. Environment

    Underwater racket

    The oceans are getting louder, and scientists want to know what that means for marine residents.