1. Ecosystems

    Groundwater pumping is draining rivers and streams worldwide

    Excessive groundwater use could push more than half of the regions that depend on water pumped up from underground aquifers past an environmental tipping point by 2050. That could threaten aquatic ecosystems around the world.

  2. Agriculture

    As infections ravage food crops, scientists fight back

    Diseases threaten important food crops like cocoa beans, wheat and citrus. Scientists are working to understand these infections — and fight back.

  3. Agriculture

    U.S. farmers still use many pesticides that are banned elsewhere

    More than one in four of the pesticide used on U.S. farms in 2016 had been banned in other countries.

  4. Agriculture

    Get ready to eat differently in a warmer world

    Climate change is affecting what we eat, from making crops less productive to making foods less nutritious. Scientists are studying how farmers can adapt.

  5. Tech

    Tarzan the robot was actually inspired by a sloth

    ‘Tarzan’ the robot saves energy by swinging. Someday, it could help with farm work by moving along wires strung across fields of crops.

  6. Agriculture

    Barnyard science: Check out this fowl research

    New research shows how to store eggs, insulate homes with chicken feathers and slow fires with shells.

  7. Animals

    Can anything stop the big pig invasion?

    Millions of wild pigs roam North America, causing billions of dollars in damage every year. Scientists are looking for new ways to stop the swine.

  8. Agriculture

    New ‘tattoo’ could lead to drought-tolerant crops

    Scientists create stick-on 'plant tattoo.' It measures how efficiently crops use water, a key to better identifying breeding stock for more drought-resistant crops.

  9. Agriculture

    How to grow a cacao tree in a hurry

    Chocolate is made from the pods of the cacao tree. To reproduce this plant quickly for research, scientists use clones.

  10. Agriculture

    Robots will control everything you eat

    Robots are now being introduced into all phases of how food is grown and prepared. In the future, though, they will be common.

  11. Plants

    Explainer: The fertilizing power of N and P

    Two elements — nitrogen and phosphorus — help plants grow. When the soil doesn’t have them, farmers might add them in the form of fertilizer.

  12. Agriculture

    Scientists Say: Domestication

    Domestication is the process of deliberately taking a wild organism — a plant or animal for instance — and making it a part of our daily lives.