Health & Medicine

  1. Brain

    Fruit fly brain has two clocks

    Fruit flies have not one, but two built-in clocks to regulate daily activity.

  2. Tech

    A taste for cheese

    Researchers aim for cheese that is tastier, more nutritious, and easier to make than those now available.

  3. Animals

    superfast muscles for cooing doves

    To coo, a dove's muscles have to contract and relax amazingly quickly.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Spitting Up Blobs to Get Around

    A nasty parasite finds a new host by making a fly cough up a blob of gel.

  5. Animals

    An inspiring home for apes

    A group of scientists wants to establish preserves where orangutans and other primates have the chance to learn and create.

  6. Animals

    Hot tail gives warning

    Ground squirrels can heat up their tails to signal and perhaps taunt rattlesnakes.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Workouts: Does Stretching Help?

    Stretching before exercise or sports may not improve performance or reduce the chance of injury.

  8. Animals

    Male baboons get mellow

    Females may get male baboons to tone down violent behavior and become more cooperative.

  9. Animals

    Snagging insects, hummingbird style

    A hummingbird has an unexpectedly flexible lower bill to help it catch bugs.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Allergies: From bee stings to peanuts

    As more and more people develop allergies, researchers are looking for ways to treat and prevent severe allergic reactions.

  11. Animals

    Ganging up to grab more food

    Food-snitching birds may drive wolves to hunt in large packs.

  12. Animals

    Some birds heed a monkey’s warnings

    An African forest bird can tell which monkey alarm calls to pay attention to.