1. Computing

    These young scientists are passionate about tech and math

    The 2015 Broadcom MASTERS International delegates show why math and computer skills are key to the success of science-fair projects.

  2. Tech

    To really learn, fail — then fail again!

    Hands-on learning through trial and error is becoming more popular in schools. The good news: Mistakes can be very helpful.

  3. Physics

    Science in Hollywood

    Audiences are getting smarter, so the makers of movies, TV shows and video games are responding by enlisting scientists to make everything on screen appear even more authentic.

  4. Computing

    Don’t hold ’em – just fold ’em

    Scientists have designed a problem-solving process that allows a computer to win at a kind of poker. It gives a computer enough knowledge to win against any opponent — eventually.

  5. Computing

    Explainer: What is a computer model?

    Computer models use data, math and computer instructions to predict events in the real world.

  6. Tech

    Drones put spying eyes in the sky

    From keeping tabs on changing landscapes to protecting animals from poachers, scientists are using drones to push their fields forward.

  7. Computing

    Models: How computers make predictions

    They use numbers to model real-world activities. And new insights in math are streamlining models’ design.

  8. Math

    Teen puts calculus on ice

    Jacob Nichols wondered if he could use calculus to find the volume of the icicles building up outside his house. His study earned him a spot at the 2014 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Intel STS finalist uses math to predict breast cancer spread

    Intel STS finalist Esha Maiti developed a model to calculate the probability of cancer spreading to different areas of the body.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Intel STS finalist uses math to help the blind

    Intel Science Talent Search finalist Alec Arshavsky has built a computer program to help make sure people receive the right eye transplants to help reverse blindness.

  11. Computing

    Teen wins $100,000 for flu advance

    Forty talented high-school seniors competed in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search this week, sharing $630,000 in prizes. Top prize went to a teen for his new approach to fighting flu.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Cool Jobs: Data detectives

    Statisticians are experts in seeing the patterns hidden within the raw numbers called data. They especially excel at finding real trends, while eliminating what is actually due to chance. That’s why they offer a good reality check in any field that involves numbers.