Cars of the Future Teacher’s Questions


Before reading:

  1. Give a few examples of how computers make your life easier.
  2. How could cars be improved? List a few examples.

During reading:

  1. How is the EN-V different from cars on the road today?
  2. Why are scientists and engineers researching ways to make cars better? (Hint: What are some challenges that automobile drivers and manufacturers face?) 
  3. How do Google’s self-driving cars detect objects on the road?
  4. Are there self-driving modes of transportation already in everyday use? List a few examples.
  5. What is AIDA? How does it help humans?
  6. Do you like the idea of a car keeping tabs on your mood, health and habits? Explain.
  7. What’s one downside of more people driving electric cars? Explain how scientists are working to solve this problem.

After reading:

1. Give a few examples of how computers are already helping people to drive. (Hint: Think about how some people get directions these days.)


1. List a few pros and a few cons (advantages and disadvantages) of cars that are able to drive themselves.