Earth's Systems

  1. Earth

    Ice on the move

    Flowing glaciers help scientists study climate change.

  2. Physics

    Like electricity, but magnetic

    Getting magnetic poles on the move makes a new kind of flow.

  3. Space

    Black hole journey

    Research on weird, invisible objects called black holes might help explain how the universe began.

  4. Earth

    Digging into a tsunami disaster

    A powerful earthquake under the Indian Ocean changed Earth's surface and spin.

  5. Earth

    Ancient heights

    Leaf fossils can help track the rise and fall of mountain ranges.

  6. Earth

    A volcano wakes up

    Earthquakes, small eruptions, and a new lava dome unsettle Mount St. Helens.

  7. Climate

    Recipe for a hurricane

    Predicting how, when, and where major storms will occur can help save lives.

  8. Earth

    Deep drilling at sea

    Drilling holes deep into the seafloor unveils the ocean's past and hints at Earth's future.

  9. Climate

    A dire shortage of water

    Parts of the southwestern United States are in the middle of the worst drought in at least 500 years.

  10. Earth

    Distant quake changes geyser eruptions

    An Alaskan earthquake changed the timing of geysers thousands of miles away.

  11. Humans

    A human migration fueled by dung?

    When people crossed from Asia to the Americas thousands of years ago, burning dung may have kept them warm.