Matter and Its Interactions

  1. Earth

    Quake leaves destruction, fear

    In Japan, an earthquake started a tsunami that caused a nuclear disaster.

  2. Environment

    Planting seeds for better plastic

    Scientists are working to put the bio in plastics.

  3. Physics

    Explainer: How a synchrotron works

    Giant magnets direct superfast light into beams up to 30 million times as bright as those produced by a laser pointer.

  4. Archaeology

    Decoding a beverage jar

    Ancient pottery provides hints of the world's oldest known wine.

  5. Tech

    Crime lab

    From accidents to crime scenes, scientists are helping detectives solve mysteries.

  6. Space

    Burst busters

    A powerful type of explosion in outer space is much more common, but not always as powerful, as astronomers had thought.

  7. Humans

    Ancient art on the rocks

    Hand imprints and matchstick figures found in a Borneo cave were made 10,000 years ago.