Apply Newton's Third Law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of two colliding objects.

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  1. Climate

    Explainer: The making of a snowflake

    Have you ever wondered how a snowflake gets its shape?

  2. Math

    Cool Jobs: Motion by the numbers

    What do car crash testers, video game creators and scientists who study athletic performance have in common? All use geometry in their cool jobs.

  3. Brain

    Soccer: Watch out for collisions!

    Scientists discover that concussions among high school soccer players stem more from aggressive contact between players than from heading the ball.

  4. Earth

    Nepal earthquake offers hints of worse to come

    The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that crumbled much of Nepal’s capital city could be overshadowed by larger future earthquakes along the Himalayas, scientists say.

  5. Brain

    A new ‘spin’ on concussions

    Scientists have suspected that rotational forces in the brain may underlie concussions. A new study used athletic mouthguards containing sensors. Data on head movements during collisions suggest that a twisting of the brain may underlie mild brain injuries, including concussion.

  6. Brain

    Football hits the brain hard

    The brain’s hippocampus helps store memories. It is smaller in college football players — especially if they have suffered concussions.

  7. Physics

    Baseball: From pitch to hits

    Radar or cameras track the path of virtually every baseball in major league stadiums.

  8. Space

    Wanted: Garbage collectors in space

    Scientists say we should clean up the cosmos now to avoid crashes in the future.

  9. Tech

    Crime lab

    From accidents to crime scenes, scientists are helping detectives solve mysteries.