1. Chemistry

    Explainer: What are oxidants and antioxidants?

    Certain chemicals, including many in foods, fight chemical reactions that could harm cells in the body and in wildlife.

  2. Chemistry

    Hair detectives

    Scientists have found a way to figure out where a person is from and where he or she has been, just by looking at samples of the person's hair.

  3. Physics

    Explainer: How a synchrotron works

    Giant magnets direct superfast light into beams up to 30 million times as bright as those produced by a laser pointer.

  4. Chemistry

    Super Sticky Power

    Scientists have combined the sticking power of geckos and mussels to create an extrasticky material.

  5. Chemistry

    A Spider’s Silky Strength

    What makes spider webs so strong? Scientists attempt to unravel the secrets of silk.

  6. Chemistry

    Gold’s Glittery Rewards

    Gold has properties that make it valuable not only for jewelry but also for electronics and other uses.

  7. Chemistry

    Sticky Silky Feet

    The feet of zebra tarantulas can produce silk threads that may help them get a firmer grip.

  8. Animals

    Firefly delight

    Decoding firefly flashes unveils mating signals and other secrets of insect life.

  9. Chemistry

    Mother-of-Pearl on Ice

    Scientists have found a way to copy the mother-of-pearl structures that oysters make.

  10. Chemistry

    Atom Hauler

    Specially designed molecules can pick up and move around bunches of atoms on a surface.

  11. Chemistry

    Smelly Traps for Lampreys

    Researchers tap into a sea lamprey's sense of smell to keep these fish under control.

  12. Chemistry

    Bang, sparkle, burst, and boom

    Fireworks put on a dazzling, colorful chemical show.