Engineering Design

  1. Tech

    Cool Jobs: Big future for super small science

    Scientists using nanotechnology grow super-small but very useful tubes with walls no more than a few carbon atoms thick. Find out why as we meet three scientists behind this huge new movement in nanoscience.

  2. Physics

    News Brief: As timely as it gets

    A newly modified atomic clock won’t lose or gain a second for 15 billion years. This timepiece is about three times more precise than an earlier version.

  3. Cookie Science 15: Results aren’t always sweet

    From my latest experiment, I now know how to make a cookie that my friend can enjoy. But here’s a puzzle: I could not repeat some results from my first set of tests.

  4. Agriculture

    Ditching farm pollution — literally

    An Indiana project shows how fighting fertilizer runoff can save farmers money, protect wild habitats and prevent harmful algae blooms.

  5. Space

    Mini-sats: The trick to spying Earth-bound asteroids?

    NASA is supposed to begin nonstop screening by 2020 for all asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth. Some astronomers now think the only way to affordably meet that deadline is by using mini-satellites

  6. Chemistry

    Goopy tech leaves older 3-D printing in its wake

    A new way of 3-D printing combines light and oxygen to create solid objects from liquid resin. The method quickly creates detailed objects.

  7. Cookie Science 14: One experiment, 400 cookies

    Making delicious gluten-free cookies requires testing. And this means baking a lot of cookies with scientific precision.

  8. Computing

    3-D Recycling: Grind, melt, print!

    A new 2-in-1 desktop machine quickly recycles plastic trash into low-cost 3-D printer ‘ink’ at the push of a button.

  9. Tech

    ‘Smart’ clothes generate electricity

    Scientists in South Korea have developed a fabric that captures energy from its wearer’s motions and turns it into electricity.

  10. Space

    Galaxy cluster creates ‘magnifying glass’ in space

    A massive galaxy’s gravity is so strong that it bends light, creating a “lens” in space. This natural magnifying glass is giving astronomers a rare view of a supernova on the other side of the universe.

  11. Tech

    Museum app fleshes out old bones

    Museum app breathes life into skeletons. But it will need more funding to make it shine.

  12. Health & Medicine

    How hot peppers can soothe pain

    Peppers can burn the tongue, but soothe sore tissues. Scientists have now sleuthed out how, and the answer shows a role for stretch sensors on cells.