Engineering Design

  1. Health & Medicine

    Common plant could help fight Zika virus

    A teen discovered that extracts from leaves of the San Francisco plant (Codiaeum variegatum) kill larvae of the mosquito that helps spread the Zika and dengue fever viruses.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Bed bugs have favorite colors

    Bed bugs change their color preferences as they get older. Adults like red and black, which may help the dark bugs avoid predators.

  3. Teen gymnast finds how best to keep her grip

    Unsatisfied with anecdotal opinions on which type of gymnastics chalk was best, a teen used science to find out for herself.

  4. Tech

    Where did that turbine blade get smacked?

    A new technique can help engineers figure out where a bird or other object collided with a wind turbine or other whirling blade.

  5. Brain

    Small region of brain recognizes facial expressions

    Scientists identify the brain region responsible for recognizing facial expressions in others. It helps us know whether others are happy or sad.

  6. Tech

    Control a computer with your tongue

    Thousands of severely paralyzed people could venture into cyberspace with the use of this new tongue-controlled computer mouse. It was developed by a teen.

  7. Tech

    Teens invent way to keep floodwaters out of subways

    Two New York teens have designed an inexpensive subway grate to block floodwaters from getting into subway tunnels.

  8. Environment

    Common water pollutants hurt freshwater organisms

    The germ killers we use and the drugs we take don’t just disappear. They can end up in the environment. There they can harm aquatic organisms, three teens showed.

  9. Materials Science

    Nanowires could lead to super-long-lived battery

    Scientists have long been looking for ways to make rechargeable batteries that last forever. They now may be close. Their solution: gel-dipped nanowires.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Injured leg? Here’s a built-in footstool

    Sometimes doctors advise people to keep a leg elevated, but there’s no footstool to rest it on. A teen designed a brace with a built-in kickstand.

  11. Tech

    New device identifies money by its color

    Two teens have invented a gadget that can help the blind identify the value of a banknote based on its color.

  12. Teens share what inspired them in STEM

    What inspires kids to pursue science, technology, engineering and math? These teens share their stories.