Engineering Design

  1. Environment

    Insecticide can change a spider’s personality

    A chemical meant to kill moths affects the behavior of some spiders. It alters the spiders’ ability to capture prey — including those moths.

  2. Science & Society

    Retractions: Righting the wrongs of science

    Retractions let scientific journals remove bogus studies from the record. It's part of a self-correction process that helps move science forward.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Chikungunya wings its way north — on mosquitoes

    A mosquito-borne virus once found only in the tropics has adapted to survive in mosquitoes in cooler places, such as Europe and North America.

  4. Brain

    To protect kids, get the lead out!

    Lead poisons hundreds of thousands of children. In Chicago, experts show how the toxic metal hurts test performance in school.

  5. Computing

    These young scientists are passionate about tech and math

    The 2015 Broadcom MASTERS International delegates show why math and computer skills are key to the success of science-fair projects.

  6. Space

    Students sent instrument to Pluto

    The student-built dust counter on NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is measuring how much grit and debris orbits out beyond Neptune.

  7. Tech

    This battery stretches without losing oomph

    Engineers have made a durable lithium-ion battery that can stretch to 150 percent of its original length. One day it could power wearable electronics.

  8. Computing

    Computing: Swapping a glove for the keyboard

    Sensor-studded gloves, designed by a Texas teen, might someday serve as a virtual keyboard or musical instrument — or even help interpret sign language.

  9. Plants

    Using plants to solve environmental problems

    Problems in their communities suggested good research projects to three teens. Each wanted to tackle a different issue, from pollution to world hunger. To learn more about these issues, they turned to their local ponds, wetlands and gardens.

  10. Tech

    This door handle kills germs

    A high-tech door handle may cut down on disease transmission, say its teen developers. The system is powered by simply opening and closing the door.

  11. Space

    Collecting trash in space

    Space junk threatens satellites that cost millions of dollars. But one teen has come up with an idea to collect and dispose of that orbiting trash.

  12. Chemistry

    The science of getting away with murder

    A student took her love of crime shows to the next level. She did a science fair project to find out which cleaner works best at getting rid of bloody evidence.