Engineering Design

  1. Tech

    Feeling objects that aren’t there

    A new technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create virtual objects you can feel. Its uses include better video games and safer driving.

  2. Chemistry

    Gotcha! New test stalks diseases early

    Chemists screen blood for disease markers by adapting a common DNA test. The test can find disease earlier, when it also may be easier to treat.

  3. Sewing circuits: A crafty way to get kids interested in STEM

    Many classrooms teach electric circuits with batteries and wires. But with e-textiles, students can help design and light up their own art projects.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Cool jobs: Brainy ways to battle obesity

    Scientists from different fields are tapping into connections between food and the brain to help people fight obesity and overcome the urge to overeat.

  5. Chemistry

    Smash hit: Making ‘diamond’ that’s harder than diamonds

    Scientists had suspected extreme meteorite impacts might turn graphite into an unusual type of diamond. Now they’ve seen it happen — in under a nanosecond.

  6. Genetics

    Genes: How few needed for life?

    Scientists rebuilt a microbe using its old genes. But not all of them. They used as few building-blocks as they could get away with and still have the life-form survive.

  7. Microbes

    Microbes mine treasure from waste

    Like miniature factories, bioreactors house microbes recruited to chew through wastes to clean dirty water, make chemicals or generate electricity.

  8. Tech

    Goo-oozing deicer protects surfaces

    New, slime-oozing coating might someday help reduce ice and snow buildups on road signs and aircraft wings. The inspiration? The goo produced by slugs.

  9. Tech

    Plastic that mimics insect wings kills bacteria

    A new ‘antibiotic’ plastic uses nanotechnology to mimic the hairs on insect wings. Then ouch! Bacterial cells that land on it end up stabbing themselves to death.

  10. Tech

    Cool Jobs: The power of wind

    Science and engineering careers explore all aspects of wind, from terrible tornadoes to aeronautics and clean energy.

  11. Brain

    When smartphones go to school

    Students who use smartphones and other mobile technology in class may well be driven to distraction. And that can hurt grades, studies show.

  12. Tech

    Ouchless measles vaccine could save lives

    A new ‘ouchless’ vaccine patch that uses dissolving microneedles could make efforts to vaccinate against measles more practical.