Engineering Design

  1. Health & Medicine

    Scientists help amputees by getting on their nerves

  2. Environment

    Planting seeds for better plastic

    Scientists are working to put the bio in plastics.

  3. Physics

    Explainer: How a synchrotron works

    Giant magnets direct superfast light into beams up to 30 million times as bright as those produced by a laser pointer.

  4. Tech

    Crime lab

    From accidents to crime scenes, scientists are helping detectives solve mysteries.

  5. Tech

    Inspired by nature

    Researchers are applying lessons learned from butterflies, beetles, mussels, and other creatures to problems of human survival.

  6. Tech

    A taste for cheese

    Researchers aim for cheese that is tastier, more nutritious, and easier to make than those now available.

  7. Tech

    Are propellers fin-ished?

    The fins and flippers of penguins and other marine animals inspire new ways to propel watercraft.

  8. Brain

    A dog’s amazingly large vocabulary

    A border collie named Rico recognizes a surprisingly large number of words.

  9. Physics

    Project music

    From hard rock to country and classical, music comes into play in several award-winning science projects.

  10. Tech

    Drawing energy out of wastewater

    Microbes in a fuel cell can generate electricity from plant and animal waste in water.

  11. Space

    Destination Mars

    Sending mice into space is just one step toward putting astronauts on Mars.

  12. Chemistry

    Cooking up superhard diamonds

    Popping diamonds into a high-pressure oven can make these hard minerals even harder.