Engineering Design

  1. Climate

    This umbrella ‘listens’ to rain — for science

    Scientists have developed an umbrella that ‘listens’ to falling raindrops. One day, a fleet of such simple rain gauges may help scientists better map weather patterns and changes in Earth’s water supplies.

  2. Earth

    Nifty science

    Inspired research put select high school seniors on the path to the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search finals.

  3. Animals

    Mosquitoes, be gone!

    An extract of local seeds in Puerto Rico may be the key to keeping mosquitoes away. It kills the larval insects and repels the biting adults.

  4. Animals

    Killing mosquitoes with cashews

    When dengue fever came to his hometown, Gabriel Galdino looked for ways to stop its carrier, the mosquito. His findings got him a spot at the 2014 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

  5. Better than plywood

    Most people think of pineapple as a tasty fruit. But it can be so much more, two Malaysian teens showed. They turned the plant’s leaves into a construction material that’s both strong and waterproof.

  6. Earth

    Don’t let the bedbugs bite

    A trio of teens has found a nontoxic way to stop bedbugs dead in their tracks. The method relies on a mesh of fibers that a bug can step into easily — but never leave.

  7. Oceans

    Digging a trench to stop a tsunami

    Boyd Kane built his own wave tank to study tsunamis and how he might change the seafloor to stop their advance.

  8. Slime: A new way to protect plants from slugs

    Katie Gwaltney had a slug problem in her garden. She decided to try using the slugs’ own slime against them. Her findings earned the high school freshman a finalist’s spot at this week's Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

  9. Tech

    The road less worn

    Two teens have found a new use for old tires. By grinding them up and adding them to asphalt, the old rubber can create stronger, longer-lived roads. And the bonus: The process recycles tires that might otherwise have been burned, creating pollution.

  10. Tech

    Fighting theater pirates

    How can theaters thwart thieves from unlawfully recording a movie during a showing? A high-school freshman’s low-cost solution relies on simple physics.

  11. Tech

    Making magic with mechanical engineering

    As kids, we all want to make magic. But Michelle Phillips took that dream further. She realized that she wanted to build rides for amusement parks.

  12. Computing

    Electricity: Cutting the cords

    Engineers are working to charge more wireless gadgets — without relying on cords and plugs.