Engineering Design

  1. Chemistry

    Chemistry: Green and clean

    “Green” means environmentally friendly and sustainable. Green chemistry creates products and processes that are safer and cleaner — from the start.

  2. Wire critter shows power of surface tension

    Water striders walk on water by using surface tension. Now you can do the same with a wire critter weight-lifting contest.

  3. Microbes

    Superbugs: A silent health emergency

    Have antibiotics become too popular? Overusing these medicines fuels resistant germs that pose a global health threat.

  4. Tech

    A homemade bungee cord could save kids in hot cars

    Babies left in hot cars are in serious danger. A middle-school student invented a simple reminder to help parents keep their children safe.

  5. Space

    What to wear on Mars

    NASA released details of the new, more flexible apparel being designed for long-distance travelers — such as those bound for another planet.

  6. Physics

    Hazing: How to hide in nearly plain sight

    A new system takes advantage of a translucent fog of particles to hide otherwise obvious objects.

  7. Kid inventors win big with a sign in the sky

    A team of kids designed a high-flying sign to help disaster victims get critical information during a potential blackout.

  8. Inventors give the White House a Maker-over

    Inventors invaded the White House yesterday for the first ever White House Maker Faire, decorating the lawn with robot giraffes and filling the house with technology and engineering.

  9. Rocket competition a blast for young scientists

    Young rocket scientists competed in Washington, D.C. last month, flying rockets with precious cargo: eggs. The top 10 teams split $60,000 in prizes.

  10. Tech

    Digital displays get flexible

    Flexible and unbreakable digital displays could soon be for sale, thanks to a new organic transistor made from plastic.

  11. Tech

    New plane wheels land teen at big research competition

    Landing a plane in high winds can be a risky business. Intel ISEF finalist Emerson Burkard designed a new swiveling plane wheel to make the process safer.

  12. Tech

    Digital lighting goes organic

    An environmentally friendly lighting technology promises not only to save energy but also to transform our indoor environment.