Develop and use a model to illustrate the hierarchical organization of interacting systems that provide specific functions within multicellular organisms.

  1. Tech

    This power source is shockingly eel-like

    The electric eel’s powerful electric charge inspired this new squishy, water-based new approach to generating power.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Obesity makes taste buds disappear — in mice, anyway

    Mice that gained excessive weight on a high-fat diet also lost one in four taste buds.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Explainer: What is a concussion?

    A concussion is a severe type of head injury that can damage a brain for weeks to years — perhaps even a lifetime.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Explainer: What is a hormone?

    Various tissues secrete special chemicals, known as hormones. They travel, usually in blood, to a particular distant site where they tell certain cells it’s time to go to work.

  5. Genetics

    Explainer: How CRISPR works

    Scientists are using a tool called CRISPR to edit DNA in all types of cells.

  6. Animals

    Beware the tap of the narwhal’s tusk

    A new video shows narwhals using their tusks to tap fish before eating them. They might be stunning their prey — or just playing with their food.

  7. Animals

    How a flamingo balances on one leg

    Flamingos are so good at balancing on just one leg that they can snooze that way with little effort.

  8. Environment

    Tiny air pollutants inflame airways and harm heart

    New studies show how tiny bits of air pollution, called particulate matter, can lead to health problems ranging from chronic runny noses to heart disease.

  9. Plants

    Scientists Say: Guttation

    When water vapor can’t escape a plant, it might force its way out through a process called guttation.

  10. Animals

    Frog’s gift of grab comes from saliva and squishy tissue

    What puts the grip in a frog’s high-speed strike? Quick-change saliva and a super-soft tongue, scientists find.

  11. Life

    How to make a ‘three-parent’ baby

    Scientists combined an egg, sperm and some donor DNA: The end result: what appears to be healthy babies.

  12. Animals

    How birds know what not to tweet

    How do birds perfect their pitches? The chemical dopamine spikes when they sing right, and dips when they drop a note, new data show.