Use the periodic table as a model to predict the relative properties of elements based on the patterns of electrons in the outermost energy level of atoms.

  1. Materials Science

    Long-sought subatomic particle ‘seen’ at last

    Physicists have finally caught a brief glimpse of massless subatomic particles that were first predicted to exist 85 years ago. It’s the elusive Weyl fermion.

  2. Brain

    To protect kids, get the lead out!

    Lead poisons hundreds of thousands of children. In Chicago, experts show how the toxic metal hurts test performance in school.

  3. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Ion

    Some atoms and molecules have a positive or negative electrical charge. These are called ions.

  4. Chemistry

    Form some bonds with a chemistry card game

    A new game can make aspects of learning chemistry fun. Pair charged elements together to create neutral compounds. Win points in the process.

  5. Tech

    Rewritable paper: Prints with light, not ink

    Rewritable paper could save money, preserve forests and cut down on waste — and all without using any ink.

  6. Tech

    Digital lighting goes organic

    An environmentally friendly lighting technology promises not only to save energy but also to transform our indoor environment.

  7. Chemistry

    Scientists confirm element 117

    Scientists have confirmed the existence of a new, short-lived superheavy element. For now, they’re calling it ununseptium.

  8. Physics

    World’s coolest ‘clock’ is also crazy-accurate

    This is the time to beat — the world’s most accurate atomic clock ever. At its heart is a ‘fountain’ of cesium atoms chilled nearly to absolute zero!

  9. Physics

    Neutrinos not so fast